Alpha Premium Compressor Oil ISO 100

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Alpha Premium Compressor Oil is a heavy duty lubricant formulated to protect the critical parts of pneumatic, reciprocating and rotary screw compressors.

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Alpha Premium Compressor Oil ISO 100

Alpha Premium Compressor Oil is a heavy duty compressor oil formulated with the highest quality petroleum base stocks and additives.  It is designed to be used in all compressor types including but not limited to pneumatic, reciprocating and rotary screw. This oil will provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability, and excellent hydrolytic stability.  It will provide good low temperature fluidity and also offer good resistance to heat, corrosion, rust and wear.


Product Benefits:

  • Versatile-Can be used in multiple compressor types requiring a superior quality non-EP (zinc free) oil with excellent oxidation resistance
  • Extended Drain- Provides outstanding oxidation resistance enabling extended oil drain intervals, with significantly reducing sludge, varnish, and carbon deposits
  • Durable-Excellent machinery protection resulting in longer change intervals versus typical compressor oils
  • Excellent water separation properties


Typical Technical Properties:

ISO Grade 46 Test Method
Copper Corrosion 1a
Flash Point °C 228 ASTM D92
Pour Point °C -40 ASTM D97
Color <1.0 ASTM D1500
Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt 6.88 ASTM D7042
Viscosity @ 40°C,cSt 45.73 ASTM D445
Viscosity Index (VI) 106 ASTM  D2270

1 review for Alpha Premium Compressor Oil ISO 100

  1. jvigione

    I use this in my shop air compressor. I will continue to use it.

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