About Alpha Lubricants


As a leader in performance and protection lubricants, it is our mission and responsibility to help our customers in achieving operational excellence for all of their vehicles and machinery. Our goal is to greatly increase your engine life expectancy, performance and fuel efficiency while simultaneously lowering operation and maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.


Founded in the 1970s by president and owner James Silvestros Sr., Alpha Lubricants original goal was to serve the unique and challenging lubrication needs of the mining and heavy-duty industrial markets.

For years, Alpha worked hand-in-hand with some of the mining industry’s top companies to develop oils and greases specifically formulated for the most severe and challenging conditions imaginable. Thanks to it’s great success in helping mining and heavy-duty equipment perform significantly better and last longer, the company later expanded its lubrication products line to meet the needs of many other industries, including the agricultural, shipping, energy development (wind, gas, drilling), automotive, lumber, and textile industries.

In the late 1980s, Alpha Lubricants team of chemists developed what is now known as the “Performance Booster”, an oil additive completely new to the lubrication market and virtually exclusive to Alpha Lubricants products. Alpha’s Performance Booster additive is the backbone of its Premium Oils, and what sets their products apart from the competition.

Today, Alpha Lubricants products are sold and shipped throughout the United States and across the globe. They offer an extensive line of lubricants, such as diesel and gasoline motor oils, hydraulic fluids, synthetic oils, gear lubricants, transmission fluid, skid loader oils, tractor fluids, and compressor oils, and a wide range of greases.

Alpha Lubricants uses extensive quality control methods in all phases of the manufacturing process to ensure maximum quality standards are always met or exceeded. This includes regular and frequent monitoring of weight and volume, batch coding, and SPC (statistical process control). The company utilizes a fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory for performing a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative tests.

Alpha Lubricants takes pride in providing the highest-quality products, superior value, and peak levels of customer service. Please feel free to contact Alpha today to discuss your specific needs.