Alpha Weatherguard Grease

Alpha Weatherguard Grease is long life, heavy-duty grease especially designed for a wide range of industries and applications.

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Alpha Weatherguard Grease

Alpha Weatherguard Grease is recommended for use in automotive as well as extreme pressure applications in the construction, mining, agricultural, logging and hauling industries and where a shear stable, high load carrying, corrosion-resistant grease is required. It is formulated with Calcium Sulfonate in order to provide guaranteed performance and protection in the presence of moisture and water.  This grease provides outstanding film strength and resistance to corrosion in saltwater applications.


Product Benefits:

  • Ideal for use in automotive, construction, mining, agriculture, marine, and steel mills
  • Calcium Sulfonate base
  • Extreme pressure properties
  • Excellent rust and corrosion prevention
  • Superior performance under heavy loads
  • Water resistant


Typical Technical Properties:

NLGI Grade 2
Thickener Type Calcium Sulfonate
Appearance Smooth, Buttery
Color Green
Dropping Point ℃(℉) (D2265) 313(596)
Four Ball Wear Scar Diameter, mm (D2266) 0.45
Four Ball Weld Point, Kgf (D2596) 1000+
Timken OK Load, Lbs. (D2509) 70
Rust Prevention Rating, Salt Water (D1743) Pass
Rust Prevention Rating, Water (D1742) Pass
Water Washout @ 175℉, % (D1264) 3


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