Alpha Diesel Fuel Guard

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This is the fuel conditioner of the future. Alpha Diesel Fuel Conditioner helps increase engine life and power by keeping the internal parts of the engine cleaner, aiding combustion, neutralizing acids, and holding carbon, varnish and gum in suspension. It also helps prevent corrosion caused by water. After using our Diesel Fuel Conditioner, you will experience increased fuel economy and horsepower. Your engine will burn cleaner and the life of the fuel injector will be extended substantially.

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Alpha Diesel Fuel Guard

Alpha Diesel Fuel Guard is an all-in-one fuel treatment additive. It helps stabilize fuel and also increases engine life and power. It keeps internal parts of the engine cleaner, which aids in combustion, providing more horsepower and fuel efficiency. Modern fuel injectors have been developed to have smaller and smaller clearances; this helps produce a very fine mist during fuel injecting. This fine mist helps improve fuel efficiency and power in newer diesel engines. The drawback to these smaller clearances is the injector heads easily becoming clogged. This product will ensure cleaner fuel injectors to maximize engine performance.

It is also formulated with a de-icer which suppresses tendencies of gelling during the coldest conditions. This is very important because when outside temperatures drop, the naturally occurring wax in diesel fuel begins to crystalize. These wax crystals will clog the fuel filter and starve the engine of fuel, which prevents the engine from starting. Most diesel fuels begin to form wax crystals around 32℉(0℃), the Alpha Diesel Fuel Guard will improve cold filter plugging by a difference of 40℉(22℃).


Product Benefits:

  • Increases fuel economy
  • Increases cetane rating
  • Increases horsepower
  • Prevents gelling due to cold outdoor temperature
  • Reduces smoke exhaust by providing a cleaner, more efficient running engine
  • Improves combustion
  • Extends the life of the injector by keeping it clean
  • Reduces wear in the ring belt area
  • Recommended for all diesel fuel engines and bio-diesel fuel engines



Treatment Rate for Engines:

  • 1 quart per 50 gallons of fuel

Treatment Rate for Storage Tank:

  • 1 gallon per 1000–2000 gallons of fuel

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